Towards a New World
Towards a New World
Corinna Stoeffl

Welcome to Towards a New World

Making the "Impossible" Possible

What is Towards a New World?

Towards a New World is a private, fee based, online community. Here is a short description:

If we look at the world, it seems to be falling apart. What if this is actually a good thing; showing us that things have run their course and need to change? It shows us that we have reached the threshold and are in a collective Rite of Passage, humanity / people becoming more aware and moving towards a new world.

My intention for this community is to support members during this transition and those on the road to elderhood. My sense is that Elders are the ones that can lead the way. As an elder myself, one who has gone through her own rites of passage and supported people in theirs, this is a gift I can offer. 

In this community, I offer information about the question "what makes an Elder different from an older person" and transition in general either in writing or via video. Once a month, there will be a live 60min. Q&A session via zoom. There may be workshops, special courses, or a coupon for a reduced price to a public workshop.

It is my hope that this online community is active, members engaging with each other, sharing their knowledge, ideas, and dreams. I have mine and together we create something that is more than the sum of all the individual parts.

I expect the community to be a safe space for all. That means there is respect for each member and their individual ways of being in and looking at the world. It does not mean sameness which would be utterly boring. I thoroughly enjoy looking at something from many different angles or perspectives.